How can we make sure that Baltimore's transition to a green economy and infrastructure translates into broad prosperity for all residents? How can a focus on economic equity help drive support for an accelerated transition to a greener Baltimore?
How can economic development in Baltimore City be refocused to help lift up communities trapped on the wrong side of color and class lines? How can solidarity economy strategies help address historical inequities?
How we can avoid the fallacy of assuming that the solidarity economy needs to be brought to historically marginalized communities? How can we build a more resilient and equitable local economy by connecting the bonds of mutual aid that already exist in Baltimore's neighborhoods?
How can we help scale up efforts to build cooperative and community-controlled economic institutions in Baltimore City? What kinds of legal, financial, and organizational tools need to be developed and deployed to establish robust pathways beyond business as usual?
How can the urgent need to imagine a new economic future for a deindustrialized Baltimore help us build a more equitable, more democratic, more participatory, and more sustainable city?